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Rocket League Discord Bot

Image of Tusk

TuskBot is a Rocket League Discord Bot focused on tracking player ranks and in-game stats.

Getting Started

Install TuskBot on your discord server

“Manage Roles” permission

If the “Manage Roles” permission is granted, TuskBot will create 19 new roles (unless they already exist). These will be named:

Then: everytime a !register or !ranks is executed, that player will be automatically assigned the role of their highest rank.

You can choose to add this permission at any time and TuskBot will go to work adding these roles and assigning them to players upon execution of !register or !ranks

Type !help

Once the bot is installed, you can type !help to see a list of all possible commands.

Register your Rocket League account

Most commands won’t work unless you have registered your Rocket League account first:

!register <account-id> [platform]

Registering others

If you are the server’s owner (or you’re whitelisted), you can register people other than yourself. The command is !admin_register, and the first param becomes the discord user to register.

Role Assignments

Defining which playlists affect roles

By default, all playlists are considered when assigning roles. Server owners (or whitelisted users) can narrow this selection to any set of playlists they prefer using !role_playlists. Playlist names are identified as:

Join the playlists you care about with a | between each one. For example, if you want to only assign roles based on the ranks in the doubles, standard, and solo_standard playlists:

!role_playlists doubles|standard|solo_standard

If you run !role_playlists with no parameters, it’ll show you what playlists are currently being used.

If you want to go back to the default, run !clear_role_playlists.

Updating all roles

Server owners (or whitelisted users) can also update the role of every registered user in the channel with !update_all_roles.


!ranks [member]

Image of Ranks


There are 3 commands for getting stats in various ways.

Lifetime Stats

You can fetch lifetime stats, across all game-modes and playlists, with:

!stats [member1] [member2] [member3] ...

Image of Stats

!stats @jubi @Zoynx @Jetpoof @Piaka @Tombst0ne @FezDispenser

Series Stats

Lifetime stats aren’t great for comparing players. Someone who mostly plays Duel 1v1 is going to have wildly different stats than someone that prefers Standard 3v3. The !series command provides a way to view stats for the specific games where all the players were playing together. This makes for much more interesting comparisons.

!series [member1] [member2] [member3] ...

Image of Series

!series @jubi @FezDispenser

Alltime Series Stats

Everytime a !series command is executed, TuskBot stores those replays in its own database. The !alltime command uses those stored replays to show you the aggregate data of all the !series commands you’ve ever run. So as long as you execute a !series command at least once every 36 hours, you’ll be able to use !alltime to get the complete comparative stats of your games ever since you began using TuskBot.

!alltime [member1] [member2] [member3] ...

Custom Command Prefix

By default, TuskBot will accept commands when you address it directly via @Tusk or prefix your command with !. Server owners can change this with !set_command_prefix. To change it to @:

!set_command_prefix @

Now all commands will begin with @. If you wanted to change it back to !:

@set_command_prefix !

If you ever forget what your command prefix is, you can address @Tusk directly to find out:

@Tusk command_prefix

Note: The maximum command prefix length is 8 characters.

URL Commands

Use the !help command to learn about simple commands to get URLs to specific player pages on,,, etc.

Try it out before installing

You’re welcome to join the server where TuskBot was developed and try it out for yourself.

Bugs / Feedback

Feel free to hit me up in my discord channel, I’m @jubi. Or you can provide feedback through Issues here on this github repo.